Kadmon Brin - Exhibition Design | Why Size Does NOT Matter Part II
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Why Size Does NOT Matter Part II

Why Size Does NOT Matter Part II

Picking up where we left off…

Last month we discussed how picking your best products to display in an eye-catching layout will gather the masses around your booth, even if it’s not a huge space. Today we’ll dive deeper into making the most of a petite plot.


  1. Let there be light!

Another wonderful way to draw in your audience is to play with light. Small spaces mean you can invest in brilliant lighting. Every marketer knows that certain colors evoke specific feelings. Use those color-driven emotions as a way to invite customers to cozy up to your booth.

One portrayal of this technique can be seen in a booth we created for our client, Taptica. Using warm tones of plexiglass, we lit up the space with a vibe of comfortability, inviting people in to sit down and take note of what the client was offering.

  1. Frame it!

When limited in your allotted space, think like an artist. Draw the audiences’ attention to the product by displaying it as if it were fine art.  Even the most industrial items can be sparkling and beautiful when framed in the right way.

Example: One of our older clients, Benatav, makes wire coils for everything from solar panels to medical equipment. At first glance, it seemed like a bit of a tough sell visually, but when we placed these marvelous metallics on glass shelving with backlighting… suddenly the wires became a show-stopper!

Contact us today to get a quote on a small (or large) booth!

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