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Why Size Does NOT Matter Part I

Why Size Does NOT Matter Part I

Effective trade show exhibits can come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and concepts. What you should always remember, however, is that bigger does not always mean better. Small spaces can have just as big a visual impact as their larger counterparts – sometimes even more! So, let’s dispel with the negative connotations associated with the word “small” and discuss how enormous ideas can be presented stunningly in quite confined spaces.

1. Back to basics
Making the most of a restricted space, begins by paring down the products on display. You may have an endless inventory you want to introduce to your potential customers, but this is the time to select your best and brightest. Keeping your space uncluttered, focused and filled with only “top-shelf” items will make a big and clear statement about your company.

Example: Black Pearl line from Sea of Spa

2. Attention grabbing
In order to present your finest products, you will want to choose a design that is an eye-catcher!
For example, we created this rainbow hive that had optical illusion mirrors built-in, so that potential clients would catch a glimpse of themselves alongside the products as they walked by [for Makor Haformaika]. While this structure took up relatively little space, it was bold enough to compete with much larger displays and could easily be seen from across the room.

To be continued in next month’s post…

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