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The Privacy Booth: A Case Study

The Privacy Booth: A Case Study


We recently had a titillating opportunity to step into the world of top secret cybertech at the Parc des Expositions complex in Paris at Milipol 2019. This expo housed the sort of things you might only see in movies about covert government operations and clandestine spy missions.


We came to this location to construct an exclusive booth for our client, NSO Group, that would encompass all things modern, high tech and private. This was an interesting challenge for us; manufacturing a space that provided total privacy within a public arena and yet, was appealing and inviting to potential leads.


Have a look at some of our renderings and take a behind-the-scenes tour.




Our client asked us to consider the ideas of mystery, discretion and cityscapes when conceptualizing the booth. To create the illusion of a sneak-peak/private world in the midst of civilization, we used video art. We built a massive 3×4 video wall where the onlooker could only see bits of the video art through cut-out “windows” in the buildings within the structure. The combined effect of buildings and video evoked feelings of mystery and curiosity as per our client’s wishes.



Patrick Howell O’Neill, a leading cybersecurity journalist, described the booth as, “one of the biggest on the floor, but relatively private, with a dark cyberpunk theme. Skyscraper walls keep visitors discreet and conversations private as deals are being made.”

We loved this description because it meant we hit the nail on the head with our execution. He even said we “won both best designed and most conspicuously private booth.”



Over the past 31 years, we’ve spent a great deal of time fine-tuning our recipe for success. In that time, we’ve mastered designing and fabricating trade show booths that help clients position themselves as leaders in their fields. This show felt like a defining moment for us and we would love to share our expertise with you as well.

Contact us today to augment your company’s evolution into leaders of industry.

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