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“We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to the Kadmon Brin Company for the professionalism and the level of performance in the construction of booths.
In October and November, we performed in 2 large cosmetic exhibitions – INTERCHARM MOSCOW and COSMOPROF HONG KONG- complexed shows that included countless elements that needed to be integrated in perfect synergy in order to get the best result for business.

As director of marketing and sales, the responsibility placed on my shoulders at every exhibition is great and so is the headache. To my great satisfaction, I chose Kadmon Brin as the business partners to oversee building the booths and accompanying us every step of the way- from the initial planning stage to the delivery of the booth on the opening day.
The entire process was carried out perfectly, while meeting a very high standard of construction and, no less importantly, maintaining an exceptional service awareness. Every detail, even the smallest, received special attention and every problem was treated and answered immediately.
The patience, humanity and sensitivity of the entire team led by the dear Mr. Zeevik Brin, combined with creative and unconventional thinking, made this whole business much simpler for me. Knowing that all my concern is to make sure that participation in the exhibition meets its goals without dealing with logistics around is invaluable.
We approached the Kadmon Brin company for work matters and we earned long-term partners and, more importantly, our true friends. As far as I am concerned, there is no doubt whatsoever than the identity of the contractor who will accompany me in all future exhibitions. Thank you for everything!” Yaniv Malka, VP Marketing & Sales

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