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Case Study: Making your product the star

Case Study: Making your product the star


The stage: EuroShop 2017. EuroShop takes place every three years and is the largest marketing event for retail investment requirements.


The client: Palram – a premier manufacturer of semi-finished extruded thermoplastic sheets, panel systems, and finished products.


The objective: To depict Palram’s extruded thermoplastic sheets and products as the hero of the booth while integrating their product into a retail shop environment to connect with the clientele at the EuroShop exposition.


The solution: Retail environments and trade show exhibits have some key commonalities – both are branded environments and both are designed to attract onlookers, by showcasing goods in such a way that will influence potential customers to buy.


Using Palram’s point of sale materials (POSM), almost exclusively, we built a candy store utopia that met the requirements of the EuroShop show and made Palram’s product the absolute star!



In a trade show full of booths attempting to steal that spotlight, we knew our idea had to go a step further. So, we took the playfulness of the design one step further by flipping the store upside-down and providing a photographer to take “selfies” for clients in the vibrant setting (No one can resist a selfie these days 😉).



Blending form and function by utilizing our client’s products and adding value for this specific show, resulted in a design that clearly told a brand-appropriate story and made a huge splash at the EuroShop show.

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