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Cutting Edge Thinking: A Case Study

Cutting Edge Thinking: A Case Study


The Challenge
Our client, ADIN Implants, came to us asking for a booth that would turn heads and inspire awe. Their dream was to execute a live surgery at the big dental implant expo, but they were not sure if it was possible. So, we got straight to work contemplating ways in which we could turn our client’s dream into a reality. The problem was that a trade show floor has thousands of people circulating, sneezing, coughing, contaminating and just breathing… wouldn’t that create a potentially dangerous environment for a delicate procedure that usually requires total sterility?


The Big Idea
We brainstormed with our client about how to build a space that would stay clean, even in a very public location. Then, our clients had an AHA moment. “Let’s create a surgical BUBBLE!” they concluded.
So, we built the first ever sterile operating bubble for a trade show booth, flying to Barcelona to make sure it came out just right. The bubble stood at 3 meters in diameter, allowing space for a camera man to film inside the bubble and broadcast to a huge crowd of dentists on a 3×4 meter LED wall display.
And so, a live surgery did indeed take place successfully inside of that bubble, on the trade show floor.


Our client was thrilled with the outcome and thanked us, stating that half of the people in the whole convention stopped to see their booth because of this innovative idea. They were pleased as punch to have been able to sleep easy at night, knowing we were working tirelessly to perfect this idea for them.

In conclusion, sometimes a client approaches us with what seems like an impossible request, but we never rest until we figure out a way to accomplish their vision.

Contact us with your BIG IDEA and let’s make your dream booth come true today.

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