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Booths that Deliver a Big Bang for Your Buck

Booths that Deliver a Big Bang for Your Buck

Any company worth its salt is trying to keep its advertising costs as low as possible. And yours is, no doubt, one of them. When it comes to your company’s trade show budget, we’ve got a great solution that you can take to the bank.

Modular/Reusable Booths

A well-designed modular booth, which skillfully conveys your company’s core values, can offer incredible savings by allowing you to use the same booth across multiple trade shows, for years to come.

We call these booths, “ECO BOOTHS” for their Eco-friendly, recyclable nature and for their economical qualities.

Does economical mean lesser quality/impact?

Perhaps in the past, modular booths looked inexpensive or attracted less foot traffic, but that is no longer the case.

Contemporary modular solutions provide a versatile, customized and easily transportable option for
businesses with limited budgets, looking to create unforgettable trade show exhibit experiences.

One of the main benefits of a modular booth is the ability to tailor, adapt and resize from location to location. Structurally, a modular booth can be adjusted to fit both singular or double-decker structures and have no size limitations; unlike their custom counterparts that are limited to one format. The ECO BOOTH booths grow, as your business grows.

What goes into a modular booth?

Tailoring your modular booth to represent your brand has never been easier! With lightbox displays, tension fabric systems and video technology, you can design a space that features your company logo, graphics and messaging. Structural elements can include personalized lighting, frames, shelving, storage, slat walls, and a range of displays, offering you a booth that looks like a custom build. The booth design aesthetic can vary from modern industrial to elegant curved forms.

Modular structures are made up of aluminum and highly durable fabric panels. These panels easily break down, piece by piece, making it simple to pack into transport/storage cases and move from site to site. The cases are designed to protect the booth when not in use. Another major bonus (for the environment and your company’s carbon footprint) is that modular structures made of aluminum are 100% recyclable and maintain their quality long term.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for an Eco-friendly, economical, re-usable booth that will catch your audience’s eye, the choice is clear – GO MODULAR!

Contact us to start building the perfect ECO BOOTH for you right away.

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